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Who We Are

We’re a team of caring, diverse, international professionals committed to improving English language education through meaningful collaboration.

Our History

Your Agora was founded by team of international educators who envisioned greater possibilities in English language education. We believe that schools, teachers, and students deserve better than the one size fits all approach prevalent in the industry.

Our Mission

We help our customers provide the best English language education to their learners.   As educators, students, administrators, and designers we are passionate about English learning and strive to leave behind outdated instruction methods.

Our Team

Adam Matuszewski
Alina Sadrieva
Backend engineer
Anvar Tuykin
Blog Writer
Elizaveta Shkurina
Front End engineer
Emil Ibatullin
Backend engineer
Evgeny Aleksandrov
QA tester
Gulnara Nigmatzyanova
Jake Kayser
Joshua Berk
QA Lead
Yury Lezhenin