The new standard for English language school management

Your Agora is the most flexible, comprehensive, intuitive platform for running a language school. We believe that every institution is unique and deserves a personal touch.


Why Your Agora?

Empowered teachers. Motivated students. Informed management. Our team knows the demands of running a school, and we’re here to make your journey more efficient and satisfying, and help your institution reach its maximum potential.

Boost Student Enrollment

Grow your business with powerful mobile and web collaboration tools and customizable material.

Increase Retention

Empower students to reach their full potential with insightful engagement and performance data.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Achieve your business goals faster with valuable school performance insights.

Modernize Your School

Give your students and teachers the best technology for their needs to be successful in a rapidly changing digital world.

Solutions For Growth

Comprehensive and easy-to-use platform provides the insight you need to maximize student and teacher performance and satisfaction.
Online student access to all assignments, with auto-graded exercises for instant feedback.
A user-friendly interface for easy and robust course management.
Fast, easy and fully-customizable content creation for your teachers.
Unlimited access to thousands of multimedia resources, exercises and activities.

How it Works

Select Your Package

Our experts will help you choose the right package for your school and unique business goals. If you’re new to Your Agora, your first two weeks are free!

Train Your Teachers

With our admin and teacher support, your staff will be up to speed in no time.

Set Up Your Courses

Teachers or Admins simply choose and customize each course and invite their students via email.

See How It’s Going

Real time, data-driven insights on student and teacher progress so you can make effective business decisions and increase your ROI.


How much does it cost?
Pricing depends on the services you need and the number courses you plan to integrate. Please contact us and our team will help you find the most suitable plan for your needs.
Is Your Agora available to use in my country?
Your Agora is available to use in any country. We have schools and teachers in over 90 countries enjoying Your Agora!
How do I manage my teachers and students?
Our user-friendly school panel gives you the clear insights you need into teacher and school performance.
What kind of materials does Your Agora offer?
Our library covers hundreds of topics for all language levels and ages. We have videos, texts, pictures, and five different types of exercises to keep our material engaging and interesting. For off-line or in-class work, material is printable and savable as PDFs. Our catalog is open to all teachers and completely editable, so new content is being made all the time and existing content can be modified to meet the exact needs of your school.
What makes Your Agora different?
You do! We’re here to make developing and managing courses, teachers, and students easier. Build and grow your school to meet the needs of your market and circumstances.